Convergence and unified communications

Manfred Arndt, distinguished technologist and convergence solutions architect for HP ProCurve, sat down with Network World Canada at the Interop business technology event in New York City to share his 20-year insight on SMB and enterprise networking.

According to Arndt, convergence is an area that’s really starting to see a lot of attraction. “Unified communications hold a lot of promise because it is going to seamlessly blend a lot of these tools that users are already experiencing themselves on their cell phones,” he said.

“The difference in a work environment is you don’t have a device made by a single vendor…you have many different types of devices, both mobile and fixed, you have desktop phones, you have email systems…it’s a lot more challenging because it’s a lot of applications from different vendors that need to be integrated together.”

In part one of our five-part video series, Arndt elaborates with an example on improving telephone customer service.

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