Vanity, thy name is LG Shine

Published: November 19th, 2007

So, off to trendy downtown T.O. hotspot Lobby (corporate slogan: “No, you can’t come in dressed like that”) for the announcement of the new lineup of cell phones from Rogers for the holiday season. It’s a rough life, this being forced to eat Kobe beef sliders and wash ’em down with raspberry mojitos, but someone’s gotta do it.

Three categories on offer, here: First up, new MP3-oriented phones the Sony Ericsson W580i and the Samsung A516. Unremarkable, except that MicroSD memory card storage is on a forever upward trend; these phones are compatible with cards up to 8GB. The Samsung has a feature that allows you to shake the phone to change songs, and you needn’t flip it open to use the media player — there’s transport buttons on the surface. I got completely lost in the navigation, though, and that was only one mojito into the evening.

Rogers also launched HTC’s Touch iPhone wannabe, a couple weeks after Telus had done the same.

In Category 3, though, things got interesting: Two offerings with video-calling features. The clamshell MotoRAZR 2 is two millimetres thinner than previous incarnations. But the star, in terms of just drop-dead gorgeous looks,

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