Fortinet  hasissued new software releases of FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer, whichthe company says significantly improve the enterprise managementcapabilities of it’s FortiGate multi-threat security appliances. Thenew releases correspond to the FortiGate FortiOS 4.0 operating systemintroduced earlier this year. FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer appliancesprovide a single hub for network and security administrators to define,deploy, monitor and manage Fortinet security devices. They also providethe means to oversee security events, perform forensic analysis andgenerate fully customizable graphical reports that detail the securityposture of an enterprise network.
The FortiManager 4.0 software releases include
– improvements in the performance and scalability, allowingadministrators to deploy and manage thousands of FortiGate deviceswithin the network and from a single FortiManager platform;
– improved workflow that reduces the amount of work required to managea large number of devices. In addition to device-centric management,the new centralized policy model allows for a single policy to bedeployed to any or all devices under management.
– improved disaster recovery features, including full support forredundant and geographically separate FortiManager devices, meaningfaster recovery of the security infrastructure in the event of a majordisaster.
FortiAnalyzer 4.0 software now includes a vulnerability managementcomponent. Reports not only show vulnerabilities discovered by theservice, but also provide guidance on adjusting the security policy ofFortinet devices to protect against those vulnerabilities. Thecomponent is kept up to date through Fortinet’s FortiGuardVulnerability Management Service.
Both software upgrades are available to current customers with valid support contracts at no additional charge..

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