A newgraduate program in computer science starting at the University of Torontothis fall has selected six students for enrollment from a pool of 120applicants. U of T says the program will gradually increase its enrollment numbersto 12 students per year.

“Unlikemost of the country’s Computer Science graduate programs, the focus of thisprogram will be the concrete application and development of research results,rather than on conducting original research,” states a U of T release.

AllanBorodin, co-chair of the program’s steering committee, said the program will beCanada’sfirst to emphasize technology transfer between academia and industry. Theprogram will focus on applying cutting-edge computer science research inreal-world situations, states the release.

The newMaster of Science in Applied Computing (M.Sc.A.C.) is “one of only a handful ofsimilar programs in Canada,”according to the university. Students will study with high-profile researchersfor eight months, followed by an eight-month industrial internship.

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