U of T to create Canada

Published: August 14th, 2008

TheUniversity of Toronto has teamed up with IBM Corp. to create anenergy-efficient supercomputer capable of processing 360 trillioncalculations per second.


Theuniversity’s SciNet Consortium – which undertakes research inaerospace, astrophysics, climate change prediction and medical imaging– said the supercomputer will use IBM’s iDataPlex system and POWER6architecture technology. The supercomputer will also combine the powerof two systems, connected to a five petabyte storage complex.


“TheUniversity of Toronto has partnered with IBM to become one of theworld’s premier computational research institutions – a collaborationthat will attract researchers from around the world,” Richard Peltier,scientific director of SciNet and director of the Centre for GlobalChance Science, said in a release.


Theuniversity said the machine is expect to be among the top 20 fastestsupercomputers in the world and more than 30 times faster than Canada’scurrent largest research system. Installation of the system will beginlater this year, with the supercomputer being fully operational bysummer 2009.

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