Twitter Quitters

Twitter Quitters

Published: April 30th, 2009

At the beginning of the contest, Twitter was hot. Now it is not.

Twitter Loyalty. Non-existent.

Twitter Loyalty. Non-existent.

That’s the problem with mini-bubbles: a few months of exponential growth does not translate to long-term sustainability.

60% of the users who signed up recently don’t come back.
Quitters clipping Twitter’s wings

Even Facebook and Myspace have had greater retention: 70%.
I have longed complained about Facebook’s passive nature and think thatis its weakness. Twitter, in contrast, was a design that Facebookessentially emulated. Could that be the reason why Twitter is losingthe interest of its users?

Even Computer World was not very nice in reporting this news. “Twitter quitters are fleeing the site in droves.”

Is Twitter finished? I don’t think so. It will find its niche. Itjust won’t be the killer blogging tool that everyone anticipated it tobe. It will have a use for my blog.

Twitter works for me. It helps my subscribers keep track of my blog(try subscribing on BlogSpot…it’s not that easy). Twitter is also greatfor clipping out news clips for later. That is kind of like putting aself-memo and sharing it for anyone who cares.

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