Yes, it is true. Twitter is down.

According to Twitter’s official status page, it’s been about50 excruciating long minutes.  The fallout and “official spin” aroundthis latest outage will no doubt be interesting and be much fodder forthe blogosphere later today. Update: 10:54AM – Twitter indicates they are “defending against a denial-of-service attack”

But here’s the thing.  You know that “feeling” you get when youpounce on your PC and you can’t get that WiFi signal or connection tothe net? You feel lost. Your PC is almost “useless”.  Most of yourapplications and computer interactions rely on the net.  Desktopapplets are broken – your browser, just an empty shell.

I first experienced this “untethered PC” feeling around 2002.  Atthe time I remember thinking – “Wow. 5 years ago not having an“internet-connection-every-minute” would not have been the show stopperit seems to be now.  This was a tipping point for me.  And here we are 7 years later.

I just had that SAME “2002″ feeling with Twitter being down.

My gut tells me Twitter is not a “flavour” of the year.  This platform is the real thing.

And my “gut” is rarely wrong.