Wikipedia — the World’s Greatest Collaborative Knowledge-SharingInitiative (post-modern ironic capitalization intended) — has bannedall addresses associated with the Church of Scientology from editing its encyclopedia entries.

Ben Parr on Mashable reports thata virtual court ordered the ban because of the organization’sone-sided, self-serving editing and efforts to remove criticism of the,um, church from the site.

“Aggravating factors have been (i) the presence of editors openlyediting from Church of Scientology equipment and apparentlycoordinating their activities; and (ii) the apparent presence ofnotable critics of Scientology, from several Internet organisations,apparently editing under their own names and citing either their own oreach other’s self-published material,” according to the arbitrationcommittee.

“Neutral editors entering this topic are frequently attacked fromboth sides and stand little chance of making progress until the keyplayers disengage or are required to disengage.”

One presumes Tom Cruise did not jump over any couches upon hearing the news.

Scientology’s battle to erase critical content on the Web has been well-docume[bksp][bksp][bksp][bksp][bksp]