Analysts are forever telling us that cyberthreats often come from within the enterprise, but one Jacksonville, Florida architecture firm learned this lesson the hard way last week, according to a story.

Employee Marie Lupe Cooley found a newspaper ad for a job that looked suspiciously like hers and listed her boss’ phone number. She exacted her revenge by busting into the office and erasing the firm’s system contents, representing around $2.5-million in blueprints.

The irony? Her job wasn’t even at stake–the advertised position was at the owner’s wife’s firm. Cooley lost her job (duh), and was arrested and charged with the felony of causing greater than $1,000 damage to computer files.

The business was able to recover these files, although they had to cough up a lot of dough to do so. Bet they’re wishing they had invested up-front in a decent built-in back-up system, along with some PsychoAlert