It’s not just the recent heat wave that’s been preppingfolks for an Ice Cream Sandwich…it’s also the promise of manufacturer updatesin Q2 to bring their handsets up to the latest Android version. With launchespromised from manufacturers including Motorola, HTC, and Samsung, it’s bound toget more people than ever on this tasty new operating system.

But it’s possible that Ice Cream Sandwich users won’t get tobask in the feeling of finally being current…at least, not for long.

The buzz is growing that–just as many users are finallygetting a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich–the launch of Android 5.0, also know asJelly Bean, may already be imminent. D’oh!

I’ve talked about the issue of fragmentation in the Androidspace before, but again, it bears repeating that this is the most frustratingthing about the whole Android experience for a lot of users: no matter what youdo, it seems like you’re always lagging behind the technology curve. People whodon’t even have Android 4 for theirphones are already panting for Android 5.

It’s really hard to imagine this kind of fractured releaseschedule working for desktop machines – when a new version of Windows or MacOSlaunches, it’s pretty much available for anyone who wants it. And yet everytime a new version of Android launches, it’s pretty much a crapshoot as to whenit will actually be available for the handset you happen to be on.

As the great Johnny Rotten once said, “Ever get the feelingyou’ve been cheated?”

 Jellybean image by Shutterstock.


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