Seems that for the tech industry, this Kickstarter trend just won't quit. There are a few miles left to ride before this horse is dead.
The Pebble watch, a bluetooth connected E-Paper display that can get info from and control certain functions of Android and iOS phones raised a record $3.5 million so far. Yes, it still has 31 days left in its funding but has already surpassed Double Fine's adventure game at $3.3 million, which was the second ever project to cross the million mark and the previous high-water-mark for funding.
Interestingly, and less reported, was the other project that hit the $3 million in funding mark last night, a sequel to the 1988 post-apocalyptic classic, Wasteland. While that project blurs the line between independant and corporate (as its crowd-funded but will utilize a corporate studio – Obsidian – for some of the work creating the game) it's still notable that it raised so much before funding ended.
Two things worth noting as of now:
1) The Pebble has a full month left to set a new funding record on Kickstarter. I mean, they've already set a record, but they have a month to go even further and raise even more money. I wonder if the momentum is over or if they'll make it to $5 million.
2) What will the next giant project be? So far successful projects (at least for funding, the products all remain  to be seen) include an iPhone dock, an E-Paper watch, (at least) two video games and a litany of smaller projects with more modest funding goals.