This just in: Canadians are thick

Published: December 11th, 2008

Google Inc. (corporate motto: We know what you’re looking for. Bear that in mind.) has, for the first time, released Canada-specific data on the most-searched terms on the Internet. This data has been available for the U.S. since 2001, and till now we’ve had to assume we’re searching for the same things, just one-tenth as often.

But we knew all along there were cultural differentiators. We are not Americans; we seek different things. Surely, Canadian searches would reflect Canadian cultural and socio-political realities: “The Group of Seven,” perhaps, or “coalition government,” or “poutine restaurants.”

So what was the most-searched term by Canadians on Google?


Facebook? We can’t *find* Facebook? We have to google it?

For the love of … OK, write this down: After you’ve typed it in a few hundred times, maybe it’ll stick.

One wonders how we found Google in the first place to search for Facebook.

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