I guess my excuse for not posting this earlier is that it was such an amazing blowout of a party it took me a good month to recover.
This was the wrap-up to our annual ComputerWorld Canada Blogging Idol contest, where we were very happy to hand out a $1,000 cheque to well-deserved first-place finisher Chris Lau. It was a fun night at Pauper's Pub in Toronto and a great opportunity to meet some new faces as well as say hello to some familar ones.
It strikes me that this video is a good response to a post from Mark Evans (last seen slagging IT World Canada on Twitter  for requiring our B2B readers to sign up in order to read our stuff [about one day after I praised him and posted a great video with him about blogging, but whatever]), who earlier this year was wondering why Canadian tech bloggers aren’t more visible. Here they are! Or at least some great ones.
This is a good a time as any to remind our audience that we really welcome the opportunity to work with you and help you develop your voice as a blogger on IT World Canada. We have a wide audience, a fairly easy-to-use platform and a lot of experience coaching writers. We'll be reaching out to all the participants of this year's Blogging Idol to keep contributing in our other blogs, but you don't have to wait until next year's Blogging Idol to get started. Thanks again to all our participants, and to our team here at IT World Canada for making this happen.

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