Times are tough out there. People are losing jobs, the economy is bad, and as a result companies are downsizing. So even if you want to leave your job, the only way you will actually do so is if there is an alternative, like having another offer or winning the lottery. Despite all those tickets you buy, the latter is just not likely to happen. So, you stick it out, go through many days of unhappiness, working under the tyranny of a micromanaging boss. He or she unloads endless amounts of paperwork on you or tasks to solve with impossible deadlines. You may even have to go in on the weekends or stay after the regular workday has ended without extra pay or compensation. What are you going to do?
Well, there are different types of bosses. You might want to try and figure out what category your boss fits in. There are six main types of bosses, according to Managing Your Manager: How to Get Ahead With Any Type of Boss, a book by Gonzague Dufour, a human resources executive at Bacardi and Co. Ltd. and a former executive at Philip Morris Co. Inc. In the book, Dufour identifies these types of bosses that he encountered. You can start by figuring out whether they are difficult to read or just inaccessible. You should also avoid getting on your boss' bad side — create a good working relationship with him or her. In the book, Dufour advises readers how to avoid making mistakes with certain employers that would put you on their bad lists. He also has advice on how to become a good leader using different management styles.