I know only my own world.

Occasionally I hover by the mailbox waiting for a cheque. More commonly the money arrives via InterAc direct bank transfer or PayPal. Bills arrive in the mail (My ISP/Phone; that’s it). The government send me forms to fill out.

I get lots of flyers, junk mail, and offers to date 23-year old good-looking women, although what they see in me I have no idea.

Now Canada Post is on rolling strikes; and I’m still mailing out 10 letters per day, and getting good feedback and some business.

Now Canada Post is cutting back to delivery to 3 days a week, and who will notice? Those who do not yet use Direct Transfer for income, revenue and payments.

We might be at the Tipping Point; June 2011 might be remembered as the month Canada Post dismembered itself.

I shall remember June 2011 as the month in which a respected client of mine phoned me to ask if I could do a fax run to 2,300 customers of theirs, asking their customers if they’d be happy to receive invoices by fax, and supplying their bank details for direct payment by InterAc.

I suspect that every entrepreneur and every consultant across Canada is making or receiving a decision.

Either making a decision to receive or make payments by electronic transfer.

Or receiving a request from a client to start the process for them.