In “The Tipping Point of Postal Strikes” I suggested that Canada Post may finally slide down and off the end of the see-saw.

I mentioned a client who wants me to help them swing their 2,300+ clients to electronic invoicing and payment.

I didn’t tell you that I insist on a down-payment, so my client wants to mail me a cheque, as usual.


So my client sends it FedEx, and the cheque arrives this morning.

I start work.

And I suppose that before the next time I do work for the client they’ll have got the InterAc thing sorted out with their Corporate Accounting department, and won’t need to FedEx a cheque to me, Overnight Expre$$.

And so, conceivably, Canada Post has done a small and annoying dis-service to courier companies by forcing people away from tangibles and into electronics.

P.S. Friday afternoon I stood chatting with a UPS delivery man; he confirmed that business is “up” this time around, but “Nothing like it was 13 years ago”, which confirms my feelings that Canada, at lest,  has embraced/is embracing electronic transfers.

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