telus-bunnies.pngDesparate to compete with the Beavis-and-beaver hilarity of Bell Mobility’s advertising campaign, Telus is shifting from its core competency — photographing cute animals — to creating a brand specifically aimed at young people.

According to a story in The Globe and Mail, Telus is hoping Koodo Mobile will attract the kind of cell phone users that pay big bucks for ringtones, text mesaging and music.

“The company is saying nothing about its plans, but a kiosk with the name Koodo Mobile is being set up in Toronto’s Eaton Centre, and a mall directory at the Pickering Town Centre in Ontario lists Koodo Mobile in its online directory even though the phone number at the outlet is not yet operational,” the story says.

Of course, some might say having a working phone number might be an important part of getting in touch with the youth market, but maybe the kids can just send Koodo staff an SMS.