Symlabs Inc. of Chicago has updated three of its identity management products and plans to conduct demonstrations at Digital ID World 2008 in Anaheim, Calif. next week.

Symlabs Virtual Directory Server, which has been updated to version4.0, allows companies to create a virtual view of data, allowing clientapplications to access it. It can function as a virtual directory, LDAPproxy or gateway, or HTTP server.

The vendor has also updated Federated Identity Suite to version 3.5,so it now supports Windows Cardspace information cards. FederatedIdentity Suite lets users make identity Web services within a “circleof trust.”

LDAP Proxy has been upgraded to version 4.0 and is said to work withany LDAP server or relational database to provide load balancing acrossservers. It is also designed to detect failures and re-route traffic.

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