News just crossed my desk that security vendor SymantecCorp. (NASDAQ: SYMC) has unveiled a new logo. Not sure what was wrong with theold one, but according to the news release, after they acquired VeriSign itwanted to incorporate the VeriSign checkmark into its logo.

Sayeth the marketing folks:

“We believe in today’s connected world that the Symantec check mark willstand for confidence, the same way the Nike swoosh stands for fitness,”said Carine Clark, chief marketing officer, Symantec. “The new logo signalsSymantec’s vision to bring together identity and device security, informationprotection, context and relevance and the benefits from leveraging the cloud –all critical enablers of confidence in a connected world.”

Is the new logo a hit or miss?Here it is so you can judge for yourselves:


And for comparison’s sake, the oldlogo:


If nothing else, I give the newlogo points for capitalization.

I do have to wonder, though, how long we’ll be able to enjoythis new logo. If Intel’s acquisition of McAfee signaled the beginning of atrend, we could see Symantec swallowed-up before its new logo makes too much ofan impression.

At the very least, it’s stimulus for a beleagueredletterhead printing industry.

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