Survivor: Dave’s Place

Published: September 6th, 2007

Out of the blue last week, a parcel arrived bearing Corsair’s Flash Survivor, a ruggedized 8G USB key in a blister pack with a camo-screened cardboard insert with GI-style stencil logo. In fact, the Corsair Web site describes the Survivor as “ultra rugged,” which is a challenge if I ever heard one. It’s days like these that make me regret opting for the enclosed sunroom instead of the open balcony.

Does it seem rugged? Damn straight. The drive screws into a CNC milled aluminium tube with a seal the company claims is watertight to 200 metres, and if you’ve got a flash drive in your pocket in more than 200 metres of water, you’ve got more pressing issues than whether you can recover your

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