Rorke Data Inc. has created the Galaxy Aurora LS direct-attached RAIDand SAN appliance, which it says is ideal for film or videopost-production companies. It has up to four 8GB Fibre Channel hostconnections, offering sustained transfer rates of over 1,000 MB/s andrebuild times up to six times faster than hardware-based RAIDsolutions, the company said in a release. Flim makers will note itsability to support multiple uncompressed HD video streams or 2K film.The 12-Bay LS can be configured as a Direct Attached or SAN applianceand offers 10-15 TB of usable storage capacity with RAID 6 protection.It also supports multiple workstations in a SAN without expensiveswitches. The LS is compatible with SAN software including; XSAN,CommandSoft, StorNext, and MetaSAN and is application tested with AJA,Blackmagic, Matrox, Bluefish, Final Cut Pro, AVID, Adobe, DaVinci,Autodesk, IRIDAS, Assimilate, and Digital Vision. Rorke Data is adivision of distributor Bell Microproducts.

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