This week`s resource selections focus on accountability andcorporate governance – two subjects every information securityprofessional should be comfortable talking about with every executive.

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1. Creating the Accountable Organization
Creating the Accountable Organization is a practical guide for endingthe “Blame Game” and developing a work environment where people keeptheir agreements. Focused on improving Performance Execution, this bookprovides you with strategies and tools for achieving measurableresults.

IMPAQ believes that accountable organizations create an environmentwhere people can count on each other to achieve business results withhigher quality and fewer resources, and sustain greater levels of trustand morale.

3. Financial Management Capability Model
The environment in which the Canadian federal government operates israpidly changing. The effects of limited resources, downsizing anddelayering are placing greater demands on government services toCanadians; the need for effective financial management is greater thanever. The Financial Management Capability Model presented sets out theOffice of the Auditor General’s expectations for financial managementand is the basis on which future audits in this area will be conducted.

4. Renew Commitment to Corporate Governance and Oversight Excellence
NACD believes corporate boards of directors must lead the way inimproving board performance and corporate oversight. NACD’s Key AgreedPrinciples provide the framework necessary for boards to do so. To helpboards create new practices that follow the Principles, NACD convenedthought-leaders from around the nation to focus on the four areasidentified as the most critical by the director community. Theresulting White Papers Series I: Risk Oversight, Transparency, Strategyand Executive Compensation, examines the current environment andsummarizes NACD’s recommendations on these topics.

5. Corporate Governance and the Credit Crunch
The credit crunch poses a grave threat to the economies of thedeveloped and developing world. The global banking industry, which wasby far the most profitable sector in 2006, is in severe difficulty andthe threat that this poses to the real economy is profound. This papersets out ACCA’s thoughts on what has happened and, looking to thefuture, makes recommendations and considers how accountants can help.

6. Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world (TED)
TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds.Since then its scope has become ever broader.
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