Sony launches borrow an Xperia program

Published: April 19th, 2012
It's a tough age for mobile app developers. If you want to support all platforms, depending on how resource-intensive your app is, you have to test it on each native platform. There are software avenues for this that simulate the experience, but often the best way to test an app for compatibility is on a real device.
Sony has taken a pretty good approach with the developer community so far, and it looks like it wants to take that relationship further.
Now, if you're builidng apps for Xperia, you can sign up for its “Device Loaner Program” which is specifically tailored towards smaller devs who can't afford to shell out for expensive hardware, trips to the lab or software. When approved, you can take one of the following Android devices and put it through its paces for up to 30 days:
– Xperia S
– Xperia arc S
– Xperia active
– Xperia PLAY
– Xperia arc
– Xperia X10 Mini Pro
– Xperia X10a
– Xperia X8
– LiveView
Sign up for the program is simple and is located on Sony's developer blog.

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