Sony Ericsson has remained relatively quiet in Canada’s mobile phone space since the fall of 2008, when Rogers Wireless released the silver W760 Walkman phone and Fido announced a prepaid T303 model.

(The W760 got a facelift in March 2009 with the release of a red colour model.)

But the company is back in the competition with two new mobile handsets announced yesterday – the W705 targeted to music lovers and the C905 for photo enthusiasts. Both are available exclusively on the Rogers Wireless network.

The first Walkman phone launched in 2005, said Farhad Esmail, channel and product analyst for Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications International. Esmail provided a first-hand demo of the phone to Computer World Canada. (You can watch the demo in the video below.)

This latest model features improvements to audio with an increased frequency range and low distortion. Headphones are included with the handset and one step below noise cancellation headphones in quality, according to Esmail.

The handset comes with a 4GB Memory Stick, which is enough to hold over 1000 music tracks, but can support up to 8GB. A dedicated button connects directly to the MP3 player in the phone.

The W705 isn’t only about audio. It is also the only handset that lets you record video clips and upload them directly to YouTube with one click, according to Esmail.

The interface also targets Facebook users with status updates that automatically scroll across the main menu screen. The ability to upload photos directly to your Facebook account is provided as a one-click option right after you use the phone to take a picture.

Integration with Twitter isn’t supported.

Pricing starts at $149.99 with a three-year Rogerscontract. Unlike the C905, which is available immediately, the W705 is coming “soon.”


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