Someone out there is hot for IT staff

Published: April 21st, 2008

The blog-slash-art-project-slash-outreach-program PostSecret posts every Sunday handmade postcards sent in from all over the world that each contain a secret.

And last Sunday’s contained one that gave a morsel of hope to all those lonely IT workers out there.

Under some tasteful naughty photos, it reads: “I have erotic fantasies about my IT staff.”

And the bottom contains more longing, albeit obscured, sadly, by a postal sticker: “Everyday I come to work hoping my computer would…” and “how much I want him to touch me.”

It’s enough to give every lonely, awkward IT pro hope that some comely young staffer has a secret sweet-on for them, and maybe the courage to ask them on a date. (Or a sexual harassment suit resulting from said come-on, so paramours be warned.)

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