Someone needs to say something nice about SAS

Published: January 9th, 2008

goodnight.JPGSAS is looking for a new Canadian public relations agency. Shark Tales knows this because every other firm in Toronto (other than GCI Group, which had the job until now) is calling into our newsroom asking what we think about SAS, how well it’s “positioned” vis-a-vis the other BI firms (or what’s left of them) and what SAS could do better to get its message out. Here are a few thoughts we neglected to tell our friendly neighbourhood flacks:

1. Stop talking about your “green” Canadian headquarters. Nobody cares, and it just makes the rest of us look bad.
2. Change name from SAS Institute to “Saasy Institute.” That would attract media and possibly new customers.
3. Get Jim Goodnight to try smiling once in a blue moon and to use his status as a doctor to save someone’s life.

Best of luck to whoever gets this gig. The pay will be awesome. So will the pressure.

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