Social networking for shareholders

Published: July 23rd, 2009

CorpFreeSpeechis a new social networking site that aims to increase transparency intopublicly traded companies and bring shareholders out of the dark.

Launched in May by Laurent Rulinda, a former KMPGInternational consultant with 25 years of corporate world experience,the site targets the business community by facilitating discussionsbetween corporations, their shareholders and employees.

The site also list current financial information, including stock charts.

The latest, loudest and most popular “freespeeches” are listed on the homepage. At the time of writing this post,the hot topic is Coca Cola.

Membership to the site is free and required topost a comment, but non-members are welcome to read the discussions.Posts remain anonymous and display no personal information other thanyour selected username.

Comments are only moderated for offensive content.Official company responses are clearly indicated to avoidmiscommunication and fraudsters.

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