The idea that making social networks like Facebook and Twitter part of a customer relationship strategy makes sense in that customer interaction today doesn’t just exist via traditional communication channels like e-mail and phone.

Extending that collaborative relationship beyond the corporate walls to popular social media is a great way of keeping customers part of that sales process. But for a truly end-to-end CRM process, that collaboration should probably extend within the corporation among sales or contact centre professionals.

Recently, released a tool, Chatter, to allow employees to collaborate on customer accounts so that valuable information can be shared about contacts. afasd

One issue that has been raised with this sort of functionality is that the natural competitiveness among sales professionals is not conducive to a collaborative environment. So while the industry is touting collaboration capabilities as one of the next important investments that will determine enterprise success, will creation and adoption of such technologies ultimately be hindered by the very people they are meant to help?


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