Soap sell

Soap sell

Published: June 9th, 2009

Globalive Wireless chief Anthony Lacaverahas high hopes, and not just for the new cellular service he hopes tostart later this year. He's inviting “other Canadian wireless leaders”to join him on his company's Web site to talk abouthow Canada stacks up against other wireless countries. Execs from Bell,Rogers, Telus, DAVE Wireless, Public Mobile and Videotron appearing on acompetitor's site? Why would they do this? Lacaveraexplains:

“We need to have an open dialogueabout this,” he said in an interview. “There's lots of speculation outthere about what's good, what's no so good about Canada. Let's geteverybody out there and talk about it … This isn't aboutincumbent-bashing. I think the incubents have a great business. I'vesaid that before. I think the opportunity is to talk to the incumbents,get them engaged in the discussion. I think they run great businesses.This is really a broader opportunity.”

Lacavera, of course,wants to keep his company in the news — or, as the marketing peoplesay, gain some mindshare — until his company launches service monthsfrom now. The soapbox Web site helps do that. So I asked what's in itBell/Telus/Rogers me to appear on a Globalive-run site? “They've beensaying for a long time their service levels and features and offeringsare world-class. Why not come out and say so?

“You think it lends too much credence to my story?” he asked innocently.

Ummmm,no, because you haven't gone live or set your prices yet. Once that'sdone, there will be a lot of mud-slinging. Until then, I suspect anydebate on Globablive's soapbox will be one-sided.

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