ShoreTel 9, the newest version of ShoreTel Inc.'s unified communications software, has been released with expanded features for personalized communications. This version expands the redundancy, security, and Microsoft Active Directory integration options that help further an effective UC strategy, the company said. To augment the suite's inherent WAN failure protection, ShoreTel has extended failover capabilities to allow phones to failover to a spare ShoreGear Voice Switch that can be located anywhere in the network. This enables enterprises to provide extremely high system availability for all of the voice services equipment distributed throughout an enterprise by deploying a single spare voice switch rather than needing a separate spare at each location, the company said.
ShoreWare Mobile Call Manager now supports even more mobile devices, including new Windows Mobile-based devices, such as the HTC Mogul PPC-6800, and several new Nokia and BlackBerry models. New personalized call-handling features include call filtering based on a variety of criteria (phone number, time of day, day of week and more), and custom routing (e.g. phone number, voicemail, Auto Find Me and more).

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