Because we all know unpopular people have nothing to do but read (no offence, readers), Jane Coloccia has decided to make the most of her failed love life by publishing a book about what it’s like to date online. Which is great, because absolutely no one has ever offered any advice on this topic, and certainly not online.

Coloccia confesses to going on dates for breakfast, lunch and dinner all in the same day, but with limited success. Although she’s now managed to keep a man for more than a year, it was a journey fraught with peril.

“She was once pawed on a first date, stood up on another, but over the years Coloccia said she honed her technique to ensure she did not waste time on men that were not suitable,” an AP story said. Good for her, but what’s with the old school approach? If you’ve found a way to pick the Web losers, honey, don’t write a book. Write an algorithm.