The press releases I get from security companies never fail to make me laugh.Theyare always so dramatic and seem to come at such random times. Sure, Ithink security companies should be informing the public about new virusoutbreaks like Conficker and what not, but a Symantec release Ireceived today really just does a lot of fear mongering for no reason.The press release was titled “Symantec Exposes the Truth about the Internet Black Market and Takes a Stand against Cyber Crime”Inthe release, the security giant cites old U.S. Department of Treasuryresearch that cyber crime has surpassed illegal drug trafficking as amoneymaking hot bed for criminals and that one of every five onlineusers will be a victim. The release also says that while thefact that a crime occurs on New York City streets every three and ahalf minutes, that pales in comparison to the online identity theft,which apparently occurs every three seconds.Are you scared yet?The company’s answer to all of this is to launch “a crusade against cyber crime.”Thiseffort consists of the release of an online risk calculator (a free twominute survey that helps user’s discover their value to cybercriminals), a downloadable booklet (aimed at empowered online users totake a stand against cyber crime), and an informational Web site(offering an educational and entertaining look at cyber crime).Ithink Symantec and every other anti-virus company should really cutdown on these overly dramatic press releases and put more effort intomaking our online streets safer.A simple note from the companyindicating the launch of these new tools would have sufficed. Why gothrough a big song and dance trying to scare me from logging onto mybrowser?