Everyone, this has been quite an active week for Blogging Idol! With the fanfare (mostly amongst us contestants of course) quieting down, I wonder if any of you are interested in continuing blogging here. I would envision only a few of us would be regularly posting, but would still aim to increase the number of blogger participation.

First, some household items would be:
1) to grow on the awareness of blogging here, this area needs a visible banner from the IT Computer world home page
2) remove the vote fan registration panel but replace it with a blogging account registration
3) Think of ways to improve the tagging, and topics section
4) Consider either/both re-branding and refocusing blogidol to be clear it is no longer a contest (next year!). Maybe re-badge bloging idol to be along the lines of a “think tank,” “public voice,” “readers voice” area where bloggers might be published on print and online
5) Rewards can go out to those who are published (from item 4)
6) Leadership/Moderator: this site still needs leadership (Shane, of course…Don?): leaders have the fun in proposing topics/controversial subjects of the day facing the Canadian IT industry