kanyeremix.jpgHip-hop megastar Kanye West has launched his own search engine, SearchWithKanyeWest.com.

The engine—”enhanced by Google and Ask”—allows users to submit searches and thus win “Swag Bucks,” which are “points that can be redeemed for prizes like limited edition Kanye West posters, iPhones, Macbooks, instruments, Amazon giftcards and dozens of other high end goods.”

The site urges you to up your chances of winning by making it your homepage, installing the search toolbar, using it every time you surf the Web, and by sending in pictures of yourself with “prizes you’ve snagged.”

There doesn’t appear to be any ads on the site, suggesting that all Kanye gets in return for the search engine and “Kanye West swag” doled out is love. Sweet, precious love. (And even more exposure. Sweet, precious exposure.)


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