Russia’s hackers the stuff of Hollywood

Published: November 14th, 2007

What's going on in Russia these days would make for a great tech-related movie. Think about it: you've got all kinds of organized crime groups running amok in what amounts to The Great Bear's version of America's 19th Century Wild West, salivating over the money to be made by way of Internet scams.As analyst Chris Christensen points out in an article I wrote last week, the risk is minimal, the cost of entry negligible, and the monetary rewards can be about as big as…well…Russia.These groups are offering young local IT brains the chance to make a boatload of cash in an otherwide depressed open economy currently experiencing some very painful adolescent growing pains.If Hollywood can get it right, this would be a fascinating tableau for an international thriller. And it would go a long way to educating the general public about what's happening on the Internet and why they have to download so many of those darn things called patches. Because few mediums have the ability to sway mass amounts of people today the way the movies still do.

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