c3po1.jpgShark Tales would like to set the record straight: Despite our efforts to venture into new and emerging markets, the recently-announced plans to set up a US$3.4-million exhibit dedicated to artificially intelligent machines, called Roboworld, has nothing to do with IT World Canada.

The Carnagie Science Center in Pittsburgh, which will host the exhibit, jumped through major hoops and kissed some serious P.R. butt in order to wrangle some time in the busy schedule of British actor Anthony Daniels, the British actor who played C-3PO in all six “Star Wars” movies, to attend a press conference announcing an upcoming Robot Day. Meanwhile, the height-challenged thespian who made the beep-beep noises for R2-D2 was reportedly insulted to be overlooked.

According to the people behind it, Roboworld will “encompass an array of mechanized devices, including a welder that’s been modified to pick up basketballs and shoot them through a hoop.” And to think some senior executives don’t see business value from investing in IT.