Robots are the coolest. Thing. Ever

Published: November 1st, 2011
If you've known me for a while, you're aware a have a deep and abiding fascination with robots. (At one point about six years, you might have replaced “abiding” and “fascination” with “unhealthy” and “obsession.”) So Robots Rule at the Ontario Science Centre is definitely on the list for Nov. 12 1nd 13.
It's part of the I, Robot … You, Robot … We, Robot exhibit at the Scence Centre, which runs through February 26 in the Weston Family Innovation Centre Idea Gallery on Level 6.
Among the exhibits for Robots Rule:
* Robotella and Sharkee, created by the family of 10-year-old Allan Sobot (with a name like that, how could he not?), line-following robots that race around a course following, well, a line.
* Fork and Spoon Robot, designed to help make dinner and pretty much guaranteed to make a mess.
* The Canine Rescue Robot,. When a dog searcher has found a human buried in, say, the wreckage of a building, and barks, a drop-and-explore robot (DEX) drops from a sling around the dog's belly and approaches the victim, transmitting audio and video as it goes.

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