This week`s resource selections combines risk thought-leadership with a touch of enterprise architecture and a comprehensive quality management resource repository.


Have another great week.


– Dan Swanson


1. The NIH Enterprise Architecture
This is the design for how information technology (IT) supports the mission and business of all of NIH. The NIH enterprise architecture program consists of the set of processes that create, update, and manage the NIH Enterprise Architecture.


2. Command and Control Thinking vs. Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is a better way to make work work.  It is diametrically opposed to command and control thinking. (Editor’s note – don’t entirely agree its an either/or)


3. Six Sigma and Quality Methodologies


4. Re-thinking Risk Management: Why the Mindset Matters More Than the Model

Forecasting used to be straightforward. Over the years, by the end of the first quarter, managers usually had a fairly reliable sense of how the business was shaping up and whether targets would be met, missed or exceeded. Confidence in quarterly and annual predictions was so high that coming in above or below by even the smallest amount was considered a surprise and set off moves in stock prices. This year, however, things have changed. Companies like Unilever, Union Pacific and Visteon are declining to make any predictions at all for their performance over the months ahead. In other words, all bets are off.


5. Systemic risk capital

We have seen what can happen when the size of financial institutions rivals – or even surpasses – that of their home countries. It may be time to limit the size of institutions through imposition of systemic risk capital requirements, argues David Rowe


6. Risk Management – Is It Permanently Broken? – An Investment Management Perspective

A new white paper considers the assessment of risk management processes in the financial-services industry by examining leadership, frameworks, culture and reporting systems.