motorola-a845-120.jpegResearch In Motion, the market leader in attracting and pursuring intellectual property lawsuits, is sparring with arch-rival Motorola in a series of patent disputes. Waterloo, Ont.-based RIM has begun a court case claiming the American cellphone maker is infringing on several of its patents, according to CP. RIM also said Motorola is charging it “exorbitant royalties” for the use of some Motorola technology, which goes against the common accepted principle of giving your competitors a deep discount on intellectual property. In a tit-for-text, Motorola also sued RIM, claiming its BlackBerry wireless e-mail device violates seven U.S. patents.

Meanwhile, back at his lair in Cupertino California, Apple CEO Steve Jobs cackled with laughter as another shipment of iPhones was rushed out to an eager public.

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