Readers react to petition results

Published: August 8th, 2008

We recently published a story on the results of our Save XP petition, which gathered 2,125 signatures.

Reaction was mixed.

Shawn Wright of London, Ont. wrote: “As a computer system builder Ifind that the negative PR circulating about vista is overblown comparedto the reality. We build over 3000 PC’s a year and 95 per cent areshipping with Vista. Our customers are sometimes cautious about thechange to Vista due to bad press and the masterful marketing campaignApple has waged. The reality is we have had few complaints and only ahandful of downgrades because of compatibility with out-dated softwareor hardware. “

Some users have a different view.
Glen, who declined to post his last name or home town, wrote:
So far, I’ve heard no advantages to Vista save bells and whistles (Whoreally needs a series of panes that shuffle pictures before your eyes?)As to those saying I should suck it up and go Vista, you suck it up. MyXP’s working fine and I see no reason to fork over big bucks to end uphaving to learn a system that I ultimately do not need at this time.

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