Quit likening it to Google

Published: May 22nd, 2009

It’s not uncommon for vendors of software like content managementand business intelligence to develop interfaces with keyword searchfunctionality. Indeed vendors and users alike will often describe thesearch capability as “Google-like” by virtue of the fact that it offersthe familiarity of the popular Google search engine.

But an analyst I spoke to recently said people should stop likeningsearch functionality to Google. It’s just search, the analyst said, andthis is how search looks like today. So get used to it.

Sure, Google Inc. is probably best known for keyword searchfunctionality. But many software vendors have since caught on and haveincorporated that style of search into their offerings, hoping perhapsto woo users with a comfortable look and feel. The form factor hasbecome so ubiquitous that, really, it’s not about Google anymore.Everyone is doing it. Will there come a time when search will just besearch, without reference to Google?

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