Question for Blogging Idollers

Published: April 28th, 2009

I hope that I don’t have to get searched by Google in order to havethe contestants in the Blogging Idol contest notice this post!!!!

Based on our posts to date, it would seem that contestants areobsessed with iPhones, Twitter, Windows7 and Internet marketing.  I’msure I’ve missed a few things but you get the point.

I would like to pose a simple question to all of my fellowcontestants:  What do you spend your time thinking about in your “dayjob” ?  Surely the iPhone isn’t a major item.

You can answer by commenting on this post or you can post youranswer separately.  Even if all of you answer me through comments, itcertainly won’t affect any rankings – after all, there’s only 15 of youout there anyway!

As another approach, if you want to, please pick the topic from mylast post that you think is the most important in your day-to-daybusiness dealings.

If time doesn’t run out, I’ll post the results.

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