I watched last night’s English language Leaders debate with great interest.

What I found astounding was Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s plan to invest billions in science and technology. There have been very few times during past debates when IT is mentioned. Now Harper just said if elected that he would spend on science and technology to create more jobs in that sector. A sector he believes has a future compared to others.

But I wonder how sincere he is about it. Earlier this year when John Chambers, the CEO of Cisco Systems was in Canada he wanted to meet with Harper and the Prime Minister basically blew him off.

Chambers has met with all of the G8 leaders except for Harper. I am not sure if Harper and his staff understand this but Chambers is a global influencer. His company employees many people around the world. Cisco also helps many other companies compete successfully in markets with Cisco products. Cisco also indirectly employs several other people in third party companies that resell Cisco equipment or develop business solutions around these products.

This is a man who knows a thing or two about commerce, technology, job creation, growing an economy, the environment, and many, many other important things that would benefit Canada.

As a Canadian and a person who has met and interviewed Chambers many times; I thought Harper’s decision to not meet with