Pondering junk filters and ‘solutions’

Published: April 23rd, 2008

A thought occurs: Supposing pharma giant Pfizer had a legitimate press release regarding sildenafil citrate, say, a safety alert or the appointment of a new researcher. Would they ever be able to get get a Viagra press release past any spam filter?

It’s a legitimate concern; we’re not just being juvenile. We occasionally get press releases regarding a German tech firm called Assman, but it’s always from the PR company; we never see an address like info@assman.de. Just wouldn’t fly, would it?

And don’t get us started on Tata Communications (okay, NOW we’re being juvenile).

Right, another thread then … Tuesday, April 22 entry in The Dictionary of Corporate B——t desk calendar reads:

SOLUTION: A vague, generic, and slightly mysterious term used to describe products, of all things, particularly software; so overused it has lost all meaning, except in that calling something a “solution” is really just a way of saying it might have “added value.”

We’ll enlighten you when the dictionary deigns to define “added value.”

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