dalton-mcguinty.jpgHaving successfully made the lives of thousands of Ontario smokers absolutely miserable, Dalton McGuinty is considering a ban on the many technology devices and services that allow us to communicate and manage information while driving.

According to the Globe and Mail, the unpopular premier has found a new crusade that could see not only cell phones but BlackBerries and other equipment on the “forbidden” list of Ontario cars.

“I’ve always said I’ll do what the police think is important and make our roads safer,” he said. “What about people who are tapping on the GPS system? What about the next gadget that they haven’t invented yet?” he asked.

Too true, fearless leader! Then again, this is becoming trend with McGuinty. First they ban BlackBerries in government meetings, and now in cars? It’s going to get harder and harder to reach our premier when he’s on the go. Though at this rate, who would want to?

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