In the world of mobile, it’s pretty much a given that thetwo big players are Google and Apple, and they have a long history of workingtogether…though admittedly the relationship is often a bit strained. And it’seasy to see why things are a bit testy.

First off, Google went and released a competitive mobileoperating system (the nerve!). Later, Apple kicked Google’s Eric Schmidt offits board. More recently, Apple went and sued a bunch of Android handset manufacturersfor infringement, including HTC, Motorola and Samsung (how dare they?). And feelingsget more hurt every day.

If the epic battle between Apple and Samsung isn’t enough to show that Apple’s not particularly fond of Google anddevices that run on Google’s OS, there’s more.

We already knew that Apple had planned to ditch Google Mapsin favour of its own map service when iOS6 rolls around. But Apple has alsojust confirmed that it’s no longer going to offer YouTube as a standard app oniOS6. Horrors!

Never mind that this was most likely little more than adecision made because the licensing agreement for YouTube between Google andApple was expiring. Never mind that the YouTube app has barely evolved inyears, and that Google will almost certainly release its own third partyYouTube app, which will probably be worlds better. Waggle your fists in the airthreateningly over the principle ofthe thing!

In fact, it’s been pointed out by sites like Forbes, thismay actually benefit Google. How? Now the company can now update the YouTubeapp itself whenever it wants to (or needs to), as well as monetize ads…so ithardly seems like a loss. So it’s a pretty safe bet that Google will continueto produce apps for the iOS platform…though it’s also a pretty safe bet thatthe Android versions of the apps will always have a bit of an edgefunctionality-wise.

Though Apple hasn’t exactly been embracing Google with openarms, it is possible to make some ofthe bit-filled happiness flow the other way too. If you have an Android devicebut you’re still rocking a Mac, you can download Android File Transfer on yourMac if you’d like to move files to the Android via a USB cable.

So, for example if you’ve bought music from the iTunes storerecently, just drag and drop it into the Music folder on your Nexus 7 using theAndroid File Transfer app, and it’ll work in Android’s music app.(DRM-protected movies or Quicktime files? Not so much. You can’t haveeverything.)

So go ahead, let the companies roar and fuss. But in theend, it’s still possible to extend an olive branch across the aisle every sooften. And in the end, maybe everyone can still be good friends? (Okay, maybethat’s too much to ask. But we can dream, can’t we?)


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