Pharmaceutical spam hides under Google mask

Published: February 17th, 2011

There is a new pharmaceutical spam brand out there, disguising itself as something created by Google, according to Message Labs Ltd. a part of Symantec Corp.

The spam promotes an accredited Google online pharmacy,  Google does not operate a pharmacy site. The spam e-mail message promotes a drug for hair loss prevention with links to a spammer's blog.

“In the last two days alone, we have automatically blocked over 250 similar spam-created blogs,” said Nick Johnston, a software engineer, in a blog post on Symantec's website.
The spam blog has the Google logo with pills as the “O”s. I understand how a person would be fooled by this, even I might have fallen for it, since it uses the Google logo, giving it a look of legitimacy. The doodles that Google is famous for, marking holidays and special dates in history by changing the Google lettering and adding relevant graphics to its logo, makes it more legitimate looking. But everyone should know by now, if it's an e-mail from someone you do not know and looks like it's trying to sell you something, it's probably spam.
“Google has a track record of fighting similar types of scams, and we also recommend that users carefully review online offers that look too good to be true before entering any of their information,” a Google spokesperson said on a blog,

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