People who shouldn

People who shouldn

Published: June 24th, 2009

The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reports that a La Crosse, Wisc., newscaster has been granted a restraining order after two years of harrassing e-mail.

WXOW-TV anchor Amy DuPont said she received 21 e-mail messagestelling her she was terrible at her job, to shut up about her kidsalready and all those other things those of us are a little grumpybefore our first cup of coffee want to tell those annoyingly perkymorning show host types.The author of thee-mail messages — they were signed, “Mario” — also insisted that herco-host, meteorologist Zach Brown, would make a much better anchor.

A police investigation traced the e-mail to a computer in the homeof — you guessed it — Zach Brown. Brown’s roommate admitted to sendingthe messages, and that Brown had not instructed him to do so. In fact,Brown had asked him to stop.

Brown no longer works at the station, probably because you can’tbuild a set large enough to accommodate a 500-yard restraining order.

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