Panda Security has just launched a beta version of what it claims to be the industry’s first cloud-based anti-virus tool.

Basically the company allows consumers to download a freeapplication, which installs a small client on their desktops. Theselling point, of course, is that lightens the load that mostdesktop-based security programs can have on your system’s resources.

Plus, Panda says the system is constantly updated, so you’re alwaysgoing to be up-to-date — which will be especially useful when Confickerdecides to roll out its next surprise.

As for the performance, early reviews are mixed. Many users aresaying that while the scanning function was effective, it simply tooktoo long. Seeing as this is a beta, I’m sure Panda will be able toimprovement on this issue.

And quite frankly, whether consumers are ready for it or not, youget the feeling that this is going to be the future of anti-virussoftware.

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