I'd describe as a male version of “The View” for IT professionals, but Paolo Del Nibletto would probably kill me.
Nonetheless, I feel it's time I drew more attention to “The High-Tech Countdown,” which I've been co-hosting with the editor of CDN for the last few months now. It took us a while to get us up to weekly frequency, but the idea has been to talk through a handful of the hottest stories being covered in our newsroom. Paolo, obviously, offers a channel-related take that is second to none in this county. I weigh in from more of an enterprise IT perspective.
Although it's really a CDN product and this is a ComputerWorld Canada blog, I think it's worth offering a playlist that will quickly get you up to speed on our format, style and so on. Don't ask me what happened to episode #3 — maybe we'll save it for a blooper reel of some kind. We run the HTC usually on Tuesdays each week. Enjoy.

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